Snyder High School Class of 1970
20 Year Class Reunion
November 10, 1990
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Please forgive me for the lack of photos of  other classmates that were at the 1990  reunion.
Most of the photos I have are of my old PS 20 classmates, and maybe a few others. If
anyone has any photos from the 20 Year reunion, please send them to me so I can add
them to this page. I know there are many of you that must have photos, so go find
what you have to do to get them to me and I'll take care of the rest. Actually, do that with any
photos you have of this year's event, especially if they are of things that we do not have on
the other pages on this site. Let's aim to make this page, and all the photo pages, truly
representative of all the Snyder graduates in attendance at both reunions. Thanks.