Henry Snyder High School
It all started with walking up these steps
Some people hung out on the "Boulevard
side"...some on the "Bergen Avenue" side. Some
people ate lunch at Roy's or Blighs on the
Boulevard....some walked up to Jackson Avenue
to Roma Pizza, Vardakis' Deli or one of the other
places around the school...but the one place we
all came together was inside the four walls of this
building that became our home for four
years....the place where we met new people and
made new friends; some that became  lifelong
friends....we met our future husbands and wives
here, went from scared freshmen to mature
seniors as we grew from young boys and girls
into young men and women.....we were taught
subjects that expanded and challenged our
minds, led us to college, the service or into the
work force.....we experienced the latter part of the
60's; an era filled with both love and turbulent
times.....and we survived. These walls hold lots
of memories for all of us.......and we grew up as
much here as any of our real homes.