The day of the reunion began at the Doubletree Hotel, where some of our former classmates that came
from Florida, Massachusetts and as far as California arrived for check-in. We had a bus there to take us to
Snyder High School where we had arranged for a tour of our old alma mater. When we arrived at the
school, many of our classmates were already there...imagine that...early for school!!!....well, we entered
those hallowed halls, some of us for the first time in 35 years. Here are some photos of all the places we
visited. See if you remember them.......some places were not where they used to be.
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Bus taking us to Snyder for a
tour of the school. This group
left from the Doubletree hotel.
We met the rest of our old
classmates at the school.
Is everyone ready to go in?
Walking up the steps of our
old alma mater, Henry Snyder
High School.
I don't think they knew what
they were in for!!!!!!!
An old familiar hangout....the
statue of old Henry S. himself.
Did we ever pay this much
attention in study hall????
Does it still look the same as
you remember?
Snyder Principal Ellen Ruane
welcomed us. We met in the
I think some of the guys still
wanted to peek into the
girls gym!!!
Some students from the
Media class conducted the
tour and interviewed many of
our classmates.
One level down from the main
floor.....can anyone remember
what this was back when we
were in school?
Uh don't think they're
gonna make us take a test, do you?
OK, come on everyone....hurry
or we'll be late for class.
Let me guess, Mr. Muraskin....
you want to be excused to go
to the boys room......again?!!!!
Uh....would you mind taking your
seat, Miss Porte???
Tom Horan, director of the
Media Arts program at Snyder.
They also broadcast a TV
station on JC cable.
One of the rooms in the state of
the art media center. Man, if we
only had this stuff when we were
in high school!
OK, who wants to be on
television?.....not you,
were already on America's Most
Snyder Principal Ellen Ruane with some of the
members of the Class of 70 Reunion Committee.
Ellen and her staff were wonderful and we are
forever grateful for her kindness and hospitality.
It was a great way to start off our 35 Year reunion
and the tour brought back lots of wonderful
memories of our days at Snyder High School.
We hope these photos bring back memories of the old days when we were strolling the halls of Henry Snyder High School. The tour
was really a lot of fun and we wish more of you could have been there with us. Maybe these photos will make you feel like you were.
Three senior students from the Media Arts program took us around the school. They filmed us and conducted interviews with some
of us, getting our take on what the school, and the time, was like 35 years ago.

Some of the places we visited were just like we remembered.......others, like the cafeteria where many of us dined on some of the
finest cuisine in the state,  were in different locations. That third floor area is now the state of the art Media Center. The library was
also in a different location but for some of us who never even read one single book in high school, and didn't even know we HAD a
library.......well, we never realized it was moved. We visited the gym, the area that used to be the locker rooms and we even sat in
one of the classrooms. When we left the school we were all given a Snyder lanyard and school pin. It was a great way to start the day.
And there was much more to come with what we had planned for a night of fun and memories.